Saturday, February 10, 2007

3 Important thoughts....
1. I picked up The Measure of a Man, by Sidney Poitier the other day at Walmart of all places. Be it the fact that it only lightened my wallet by a mere 10 dollars, that I had some leisure time coming up, the possibility of doing something besides holding a controller in my hands for x number of hours, or my subconcious celebrating what is Black History Month, i quickly ripped the last copy off the shelf. You see, I've been a strong believer in the fact that knowledge comes from sharing thoughts with others, common sense right? So why not allow myself to gain some sort of knowledge and possible inspiration from Mr. Poitier, a man with an almost unending number of accolades. Hey I may seem to be the most intelligent, sophisticated man any of you have ever met, (i'm fucking awesome aren't I) but at the end of the day, i've only been making footprints in the mud for 19 years, so i'm loving the idea of hearing the view of life from someone with 70+ years of life, and over 40 of those years in the film industry. Anyone who hasn't seen any of his films, are doing themselvs a great disservice. I'll be sure to give a final report when i'm done with the book.

2. After the superbowl, and mainly Prince's Superbowl performance (if you didn't see it, think purple rain...out in the Miami storm), I spent the following week seeking out some of Prince's lesser known albums. Now when I say lesser known, I don't mean the horrible albums he made in the 90's that contained tracks such as "Pussy Control." I don't care what anybody says, THAT IS NOT A GOOD SONG. Funny though, that song came up in a class discussion about America's viewpoint on women's issues. Anyways, everybody should remember fantastic albums such as Purple Rain, 1999, or Sign o' the Times (which in the eyes of may is his greatest album). Yet, as those are fan-fucking-tastic albums, those are just a small teardrop in a bucket full of fanastic albums. I sought out Graffiti Bridge, Dirty Mind, Parade, Lovesexy, Around the World in a Day, andddddddd the greatest fucking soundtrack since footloose(yeah i LIKE that soundtrack jackoffs), the Prince/Batman Sdtrk. I'm going to spend a couple days going into each album....well, i'm going to try.

3. One last thing, Valentines Day is next week, and besides St. Patricks day (haha), it is the most useless waste of a day I have ever seen. This is not from the standpoint of a bitter, love scorned man, on the contrary, that would require me to actually give a damn about anyone. Lovers holding hands, buying perishable chocolates, lets hope those extra lbs atleast go to a good place.

Until Next Time,
Sexiest Man Alive 1988-

Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Year in Review: 2006 (pronounced 26)
YES, I'm atleast 28 days late on dropping this entry, but the important thing to remember is, its my blog and i don't give a damn what you think.
Ok, lets get to it, I decided that first i'd talk about the $6.50pf (per film) that I dropped this year. Out of all the films I saw in or out of the theatres this year (mostly at the overpriced, obviously jew ran Regal theatres) alot of them were shit, and that is being nice, lets put a selection of the films I caught into three columns shall we?

Borat Science of Sleep Hostel
V for Vendetta Mission Impossible suck Xmen: Last Stand
Block Party Superman Returns TCM: The Beginning
Little Miss Sunshine The Hills Have Eyes (Remake)
Marie Antoinette

In all honesty though, what the hell was I thinking with alot of this crap? Who expected the newest Mission Impossible to be Oscar worthy? Hostel was just pure shit, yet films like Science of Sleep and the trilogy ending Xmen had garned atleast a small bit of praise. They pleased me not though, I like "artsy" films more than most, yet SOS was moreless raping my brain of any attention span I had left. With that being said though, the films under the BAD category atleast have the possibility of being in my film collection at some point or another (In fact I already have that weak attempt at a Superman film), Anything under the Ugly section should be recycled into thinner dvd disks, just thin enough to be flexible, flexible enough to be manipulated into the asses of their producers. The last thing to be said about this list is on Marie Antoinette, technically this film sucks, but kirsten dunst gets my vote for the only film she's ever been hot in.

note* I'm about to share with you a very important story. The story starts from my childhood, a smaller, more innocent Derek sits in front of the tv, eating his vanilla cookies and milk. Anticipation is inevitable as a jolly, laughing man warms youngs Derek's soul (and later inspires Derek to wear pastel sweaters in 1st grade) This man, in all his wisecracking humor, is an American hero of sorts, the epitomy of true badassery, the impressive stylishness of this man can only be rivaled with the one and only Chuck Norris. Now young Derek makes it routine to sit in front of the television everynight, watch the mannerisms, the joke delivery and overall God-like quality of the man he sees. It is with time that Derek realizes even an American hero can fall from his once glory, for this man gradually withers away into a fucking jello pudding sponsering, "Kids say the Darndest shit" hosting, shell of his former self. Baby Derek often wonders at this time "What the hell happened to Clair's sexy ass?"

Simply known as: LordCosby

You may wonder why this fable is relevant for my 2006 review right? Ah, well it was 2006 that I crossed paths with LordCosby. March, April, May leaves me, point is, I saw the man, the myth, the legend that is Bill "The Cos'" Cosby. He came down from the heavens to speak to Eku in the beginning of 2006, and of course, I was in attendance for such a glorious event. The event was titled Bill Cosby: An evening with friends....I HAD to be there, whether the cos' knows it or not, we're like best friends! So there i was, knocking out man, woman, and nursing home resident to get a good seat, which I damn sure got! Moral of the story is, anyone can relive a peice of nostalgia, and for only 25 bucks (75 if you dont' go to Eku)
Drumroll please.........The Spencer Family Reunion.
Stunning resemblance right? My first trip to the Spencer family reunion was interesting to say the least, to summarize: I realized that along with the rest of the Spencer family there was nothing but "The Dog" in me, not to mention my feet flying above the ground when (sandwiched between Cory and Brintdog) I was angelically lifted above the ground during a heartpounding rendition of "We are the Cham...Spencers" My actual relation to the family is still quite unknown, I went from being the long lost mixed guy to Cory's new dadday', to his otha' brotha. By the ends night I was in a terrible crisis of not knowing who I was! Now I know what you're thinking, how could anyone think that we're all related right? I know, and I agree, but Tina and I still consider Cory part of the family nonetheless. Anyways, all went well and the night peaked with a fellow Spencer questioning, "You've never seen white people dance like this have you?" To which I very openly replied, "Nope...i surrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre haven't...." a quick rundown of 2006...the rest is to be remembered, but i'm steadily giving steel pipe shots to my cranium to forget the rest. Until next're all bitches!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Tina Turner - River Deep Mountain High

My new favorite video of the week, possibly of the year.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Alright boys and girls, its been another...another long while since i've updated. But hey, if for those of you who dont' pay much attention, i've atleast remodeled my page, looks great doesn't it? Anyways, tommorow is Thanksgiving, which holds a special place in my rather cold, black heart. I mean c'mon, its the beginning of the holiday season (technically that's halloween but whatev) we got our turkey time, Christmas, New Years Celebrations and most importantly, my birthday (january 11, start thinking of gifts, i want good ones) all within the span of two months! I always make a big deal out of this time of year, its the only time that I consider myself to be in a mode of just great spirits. So as for tommorow, i'm going to slide out of bed, slide into some elastic pants and get prepared for mounds...and mounds...and mounds of great food....oh and that damn Macy's parade...yeah i watch it, say somethin.

Ok, so i'm almost at the end of my 3rd semester at Eku. Now, since the age of 10 i've spent each year thereafter obsessing over different things that i'd love to do with my life. Hmm.. I've wanted to be everything from a psychologist to surfing the net checking out the best pro-wrestling training schools in america. It's always been a tough decision between examining crazy people in front of me running around a ring wearing ultimate warrior makeup going for gorrilla press slams. At this stage in my life, i'm still questioning what elxactly I want to do with myself. These days I seem to be teetering on teaching creepy little teenage bastards about Art, or trying my hand at film school, of course there are other majors on my mind, but those seem to be the main two. I have one semester left and i'm just as clueless about what to do now as I was when I wanted to put my friends in million dollar dreams. What am I to do? Oh and just for fun I put pictures up pertaining to different occupations that i've wanted for myself at some point or another...

Lets see, I wanted to be a special Fx artist, A teacher, A comic book illustrator (well, and Batman at the same time)

and...Directing (acting too), Wrestling, and a painter...and who is more iconic in our age than mr. BOB (Badass) Ross.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Daddy's Home,..Daddy's Home....To Stay (my father used to sing that song alot)

Ok, i've been away for quite some time (as many have already noted on). I can't say that i've been too busy to update, I think i'll just admit it, i..may be the laziest man alive. Either way, if i know who my audience is (which i do) then you'll all be able to relate, most of us are all on the same track of procrastination so just bear with me until i get back into the motions of this thing. With that said, I've came across an amazing little piece of hopefull news that should excite you all. Oh and if you aren't in the "party" that will be of complete enjoyment over this, then you may have googled yourself into the wrong blog my friend.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

So another semester began.....

I've been back at Eastern for a week now, my second semester of skirt chasin, video game tourneys, loud self-aborbed proffesors, ever-changing majors,..and procrastination. I must say, although i've been here on my second year now, I sadly, am not yet a sophmore, yet i'm also not a bright-eyed, bushy tailed kid who just threw their cap in the air at graduation in exchange for matching bed spreads with my roomate, but i too still have the title of freshman on my transcript.

This year, everything changes (or atleast thats what I told my parents when they showed me their dry wallets and spoke of things being all "in vain") I've set myself up for a more serious, more mature way to handle this college thing. I plan on trying this new novel idea of hard work, now now i know that might seem crazy, but it has the possibility of working! You see, I got it in my head a couple years ago (during this stage where my head began to grow...and grow) that I could pass classes, or do anything for that matter, without much work. I fell into the same hole that most people these days, procrastination. My biggest flaw possibly, last year I pushed every assingment, project, peice of research, until the last possible moment. Now, had I actually completed these things in the chaotic last second, that would have been somewhat of ok, yet when i'd get to this moment, I would half ass it just enough to where i could realistically cross my fingers for a C. This year...I'm playin it straight as possible, shit i'm paying out the ass for this "education" why not put for some sort of real effort! Now there are two classes this year that some would consider terribly easy (and they are) but there the only two that i'd like to comment on....

Even Zorro! had to start out somewheres...
So yeah, I cashed in 200 some odd dolars in exchange for a pointy stick and a white padded suit (ladies love it), Now, you could assume that I have aspirations of being in the next Pirates of the Carrribean flick (too late, its already being filmed), or you could just see this as I did, an awesome opportunity to learn better technique, look like a baddass, and add "swashbuckler" to my list of talents...expect to see lotsa pictures in my gear in the coming weeks..

and another favorite class pickup for fall '06...

The two pictures you see above are from two of the ealiest (and most well known) films in "moving picture show" history. The first is from The Great Train Robbery, the second being from A Trip to the Moon. Both of which are MUSTS for any film buff, outstanding feature length films at a time where most filmakers where creating films of no more than a minute or two. I suggest that anyone and everyone seek both of these little creative gems out. I'm really psyched about the rest of the films we plan to see and analyze (and give extensive breakdowns on) in the coming weeks, so expect many rather boring reviews on many of them. As for this week, our next flick will be a little favorite for Brinton's...(haha) I think you'll all recall a little D.W. Griffith film titled Birth of a Nation (which my professor summed up as a purely Civil War flick), keep posted for my breakdown of FINALLY getting to see that...oh...i can...wait...

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Davenport, a trip that was supposed to be my short moment of relaxation after the Lollapalooza exhaustion. I got here last Monday evening, and I was SUPPOSED to be back possibly around Satuday (of last week mind you). Between Mon and Sat there was that wonderful Pluckers Challenge (which you can read about below), the trip to the Gym to hoop it up and of course, what is a vacation with hitting the water? You see, my sister resides in Davenport, which is on the very edge of Iowa, about 10 minutes from Illinios in fact. They (my sister and her friend) had plans to make this little 5 day trip a mini-adventure I guess, when in reality, you can't get much done in half a week now can you?
Lets see, the most notable little tidbit i guess would be the trip to the the pool (dont' ask why, just know that i'm not the greatest of little swimmers) so they (jackass sister and friend) take it upon themselves to show me the way, to guide me to become the next Johnny Weismuller (i've always wanted to make a reference to him....). In short, I suck, i'm assuming that i just don't have what it takes to be a swimmer (keep in mind I was being outdone by 7 and 8 year olds near me). So instead, I settled for posing in the water for my sister's snap happy friend....

Right Said Fred has NOTHIN' on this.....hehe

I have to be careful here, people who take pictures like this, are the exact people who i love to insult for being too self-absorbed, but i just, well i'm just....too sexy ok! i'm too sexy for this blog in fact! that i got that out of me...

Overall swimming with great, it was warm outside, very attractive lifeguards (or alteast they are when the water in your eyes make you squint, honestly..they could have been men lifeguards...who knows). And besides the playful toddlers who could jump off higher diving boards than me, I had a great time.

Ok, so then Saturday slides along...I had every intention of sliding home safely, getting to my room and begin preparing to pack my stuff up (I have to move back to Eku by sunday the 20th) And the not so unthinkable happens, we get sidetracked, My sister Rena (who has divertoticulosis already) discovers (not by herself, thank the doctors for that) that she has a hole in her intestines, long story short...i'm still here...and she has surgery tommorow morning. Not to buzzkill my entry or anything, but just keep the ol' girl in your prayers people. Anywho, all in all the moral of the story is, (and its cliche as hell but still) EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED. For the past month, every plan that i've had, or made has not only fell through, but in its place a not so enjoyable situation has replaced it.

So with the hectic nature of my trip, it will continue in that fashion, I wont' get back to KY until sunday morning, and I have to be in my dorm (that means pack all my shit and say my goodbyes) by 5pm the same day, ridiculous.

Oh and because I love all you jackasses...Here's a couple pics from my trip...

oh i neglected to mention that on my vacation, i had to babysit..3 kids

I don't know what she's doing, all

having as much fun as you possibly could in a hospital room

and finally........................